My name is Max Gee and I’m a screenwriter, playwright, prose junkie and most recently a PhD candidate.

I am at the start of my own adventure in research as a new PhD candidate in the areas of screenwriting and science fiction. It has taken me a while to come to terms with my love of this stereotypically geeky area after spending too much of my late teens/early twenties as a pretentious, I-only-read-highbrow-literature kind of person. So to prevent myself from disappearing into the ivory towers of academia too much, and only writing sentences where every word has to be at least ten letters long, I have decided to start this blog.

Here are a list of things this blog might include:

  • Reflections and thoughts related to my PhD on posthuman noir in films and anime
  • Thoughts on science fiction
  • Writing advice and reflections.
  • Those weird and random things found when researching a new story that are just too interesting to keep to myself but will never make it into the final piece, no matter how hard I try to crowbar them in.
  • My own thoughts on anything I am watching or reading – which might disappear down the rabbit hole of ranting

It’s my hope that someone out there will find these things are interesting as I do.


I completed the PhD in 2018 and am now a Senior Lecturer in Screenwriting, plus Progamme Leader for the BA in Scriptwriting, at Bournemouth university.

Still awkward about using my Dr title.

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