This is a page for links to projects I have been, or am currently, involved with both creatively and academically.


‘Standing Woman’ – short film, Grunt Productions, in post-production, 2018-20. Filmed in York and Sheriff Hutton.

‘Terminal’ – short film, RO Pictures, 2018 –

‘Tales of Bacon’ – webseries, Plotting Films, 2016-18 –

‘Do Androids Dream of Electronic Cigarettes’ – Web Advert, Parashoots, 2013 –


‘Hydrangea’ – reading of screenplay written for research as part of The Script Department Podcast:


‘Sherlock Holmes and the Speckled Band’ second performance by Genesian Theatre in Sydney, Australia. April/May, 2018.

‘Kagome, Kagome’ – short play as part of Off The Rock Productions ‘The Damask Room’, 2015

‘Sherlock Holmes and the Speckled Band’ – adaptation for site specific theatre, Theatre Mill, 2013 – trailer to be found at

‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ – abridgement for site specific theatre, Theatre Mill, 2013 – trailer to be found at


‘The Crash’ – One&Other Futurism Issue, May 2013, to be found on page 21 –

Conference papers:

‘The Creative Process in Adaptation: Investigating Ian Watson’s unproduced A.I: Artificial Intelligence scenes.’ 5th Annual TFTV Symposium, University of York, 2nd June 2014

‘Redrawing what it is to be Human: How posthuman characters rediscover their humanity through unreliability in Tensai Okamura’s Darker Than Black.’ 4th Annual Current Research in Speculative Fiction Conference, University of Liverpool, 20th June 2014.

‘Contemporary Japanese Screenwriting: Reflections on interviews conducted under the JSPS summer research fellowship.’  Screenwriting Research Network Conference, London, September 2015

“Cracking the Posthuman Program: Rediscovering Humanity through ‘Art.’” Art Science Fiction, Leeds Beckett and British Art Show 8, Leeds Art Gallery, January 2016.

“‘If something stinks put a lid on it, don’t see it’: Self-censorship and the brave new world of Psycho Pass.” 6th Annual Current Research in Speculative Fiction Conference, University of Liverpool, June 2016.

“Creating Posthuman Noir: Exploring Definers of the ‘Human’ Through Genre and Creative Practice.” 5th Annual BAFTSS Conference, University of Bristol, April 2017.

“Not so Damned Dames: How Posthuman Noir subverts traditional film noir tropes in Ex_Machina,” Hardboiled History: A Noir Lens on America’s Past, University of Warwick, 19 May 2017.

“Robots Do Not Have Feelings, or Do They? Exploring Emotional Awakening through Creative Practice,” Artificial Lives: Imagining Life, Enhancing Life, Engineering Life, University of Sussex, 01 Dec 2017.

“Lure of the Past: The Influence of Twentieth Century Science Fiction on my Creative Practice Film Terminal,” Imagining the History of the Future: Unsettling Scientific Stories, University of York, 27 Mar 2018.


“Cyborg Screenwriters and Posthuman Screenplays,” Writing for Cinema; Writing for Tv: 11th International Conference of the Screenwriting Research Network (SRN), , UNIVERSITÀ CATTOLICA DEL SACRO CUORE, Milan, 13 Sep 2018.

“Adapting the Great God Pan: Exploring Folk Horror through Creative Practice,” Folk Horror in the Twenty First Century, Falmouth University, Falmouth 5-6th September.

“Lost or Found in Translation: Negotiating the Adaptation Process between Japanese Short Story to British Short Film,” 12th Screenwriting Research Network Conference, School of Arts, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto, 11-14th September 2019.



It’s Alive! An Introduction to Writing for the Screen. Focus Magazine. British Science Fiction Association. February 2015

“Rediscovering our Humanity – How the posthuman noir anime, Darker Than Black, subverts the tropes of film noir to reaffirm a humanist agenda.” Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image – Posthumanism. Human and Non-Human: Links Continuum and Interplay, vol. 7. (February, 2016). pp.131-148.

“Comics Inside Out: An Interview with Elena Vitagliano”, in peer reviewed journal, East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, issue 3.1, April 2017.

Fellowships and Prizes:

Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science Summer Fellowship, 2015

Humanities Resource Centre Academic Poster Competition – Third Place

Humanities Resource Centre Doctoral Fellowship, 2016-17.

York Screenwriters’ Guild

A group I founded who meet fortnightly in York to discuss and critique members’ screenwriting. It is now in its third year –

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